Total hours: The Resiliency Coach Education program is 60 hours and meets the minimum education requirements for the ACC credential.

Language: English

Teaching Modality: The Resiliency Coach training is 48 hours in-person (30 hours onsite and 18 hours via Zoom). The remaining 12 hours are asynchronous (self-study) assigned by the training instructors.

Dates: We are currently in the process of setting 2024 dates.

Vital Leadership Coaching serves the needs of corporations and businesses, pulling from all the assets of our bricks and mortar company presence in Essex Junction, Vermont. Our skilled cadre of professionals integrates a scalable and robust approach to bringing coaching into the workplace.
At Vital Leadership Coaching we are committed to helping leaders retool their thinking to:
  • Beat the mindset of scarce resources;
  • Builds keen and compassionate awareness;
  • Be relentlessly committed to what matters most;
  • Be nimble and flexible in choosing and executing strategy;
  • Create what's possible.

AHA Insight helps organizations succeed with complex, sensitive, high-stakes projects and initiatives. Our sweet spot is the "people" aspect of change. A woman-owned small business, we help you maximize stakeholder engagement, develop your people, and increase team effectiveness through executive and middle manager coaching, strategic communication counsel, expert facilitation, and internal coach training.

During its 20 year history, JMI has conducted more than 300 projects designed to improve the administration of justice, nationally and internationally. JMI is guided by three principles—Think, Inspire, Change—that represent a holistic approach to change management and overall justice system improvement.

JMI thinks about emerging and pressing issues by conducting original research and evaluation designed to both understand the nature of the problems facing justice systems and practitioners as well as to test the effectiveness of various approaches to responding to these issues.

JMI inspires criminal justice practitioners and policymakers through our education and training programs.

Finally, JMI helps bring change to the administration of justice by providing on-site specialized services to help local justice systems and individual stakeholders within the systems to design andimplement different approaches to improve their overall effectivene

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