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  • Assumptions!

    Assumptions! We all have them and frequently rely on them to make quick decisions. These decisions may not always be correct or accurate,
  • Decriminalizing Misdemeanors - Why we should care

    Below is the preface to an article by Alexandra Natapoff. I have attached a link to the full article. Why should we care about this subject? An acquaintance of mine recently contested her traffic violation with the Vermont Traffic Bureau. Her only avenue to fight the ticket was to appear in court. There are no other options.

  • How Do You Really Know?

      I took my car to the dealership where we purchased it for an oil change and routine maintenance.  The dealership owners keep a refrigerator full of 4-ounce water bottles – very considerate of them. I finished one and, and getting ready for my second, asked an employee if they had a recycle for the empty plastic bottle. He said no and told me to toss it in the wastebasket.

  • Coaching Better Justice

    Coaching Better Justice

    Hon. Barbara J. Rouse (ret.)
    and Jan C. Bouch, Psy.D., PCC

    One day a highly credentialed and experienced attorney, the next, a novice judge. It is a transition marked by paradox-elation and anxiety, excitement and frustration, self-assurance and insecurity, certainty and disconcerting revelation. At a judge’s investiture, replete with fanfare and congratulatory speeches, a new judge’s past accomplishments and performance are celebrated. The following day she is the junior judge in a hierarchical court structure, subject to a new set of ethical and administrative constraints, including oversight by a chief justice1 or presiding judge.

  • Does Justice Matter?

    This week marks the 50th anniversary of police brutality in Selma, Alabama. It seems an apropos time to bring forth the notion of justice. October 3, 1995, I can recall the exact moment when the public received the “not guilty” verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial. I was sitting in a dental chair having my teeth cleaned, and suddenly the entire office ceased what they were doing and openly and loudly shared their feelings as to whether justice was rendered or not. They offered up their opinions and emotions based on their experiences and perceptions about what should or should not amount to a just decision. Many people, me included, believe that O.J. Simpson was responsible for the murders of Nicole Smith Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

  • Systems Leadership Coaching

    Systems Leadership Coaching

    Is your System Balkanized?

    Complex systems are often comprised of groups with different goals and measures of success. And yet…you have to work collaboratively for a bigger purpose. At any given moment, the interests of one or more entities can challenge, stall, or simply sabotage desired changes or initiatives. Navigating complex systems with different interests, needs and goals are high wire work that can be aided by an outside coach.

    The Coach holds the confidences of the group and yet works to challenge the operating assumptions.

    Systems’ coaching confronts collective thinking and works to help complex groups to get clarity on the goals and issues, see the current and envision the desired state, explore options and ultimately build action and mutual accountability.

    Coaching is a gift. What would it be worth if your system were at its optimal?

  • A Case Study - Assessment and Evaluation

    A large mid-western County sought an independent evaluation of multiple facets of the local justice system aimed at improving interagency collaboration and business processes. As a result of the assessment and evaluation, a number of recommendations were proffered and adopted by the County to improve justice system operations.

  • Assessment and Evaluation

    Justice systems are complex organizations comprised of interdependent entities that are often lead by independently elected or appointed leaders. The measures of success are often viewed differently by the entities involved and the case type. Assessment and evaluation in complex systems help define, align, and set metrics for system-wide success.